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Washington D.C.
State Ambassador Needed
Interested in learning about the State Ambassador Program and how to apply?Click Here 

What's Happening Now?

Would you like to volunteer to assist in hosting a local community awareness event? Do you have an opportunity for Washington D.C.’s RareAction Network to attend your event? Contact the NORD Rare Action team today and learn more. Please check back regularly for news of upcoming events and activities in Washington D.C.

Washington D.C. COVID-19 Resources & Information

D.C. Resource Page
The District of Columbia Government has created this helpful resource website in response to COVID-19.

In order to make meaningful change in the lives of rare disease patients and their families in the state of Washington D.C., we need you! Become active with the RareAction Network by joining and utilizing the resources available on this website to take action and create change.

State Information

Stephen C. Taylor, Commissioner

Government of the District of Columbia
Department of Insurance
Securities, and Banking
1050 First Street, N. E., Suite 801
Washington, DC 20002


In order to get the issues that affect your life addressed, connect with your state representative by using the tool on our website.

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Online Complaint Submission

Email for Assistance: [email protected]

State Health Insurance Consumer Assistance Program

Office of Health Care Ombudsman and Bill of Rights
Department of Health Care Finance
825 North Capitol Street, NE, 6th Floor
Washington, DC 20002


Ombudsman Email: [email protected]

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